The Arcadia Test Advantage

Arcadia Test is a premiere manufacturer of In-Circuit Test Fixtures, Functional Testers and other Automated Test Equipment (ATE).  We understand that customers’ success is based on our experienced engineering team providing innovative solutions. By increasing speed and incorporating technological advancements, Arcadia Test in close collaboration with customers can lead to many successful endeavors.

We believe that ICT fixtures can be reasonably priced, be produced quickly, and still maintain exceptional performance.  At Arcadia, Customer Service comes first.  We employ flexible means to nurture the satisfaction and dedication of our staff members. We will always conduct business in an ethical manner and maintain a high level of integrity.

Our custom CAD software guarantees that our experienced engineering team will produce quality fabrication files, very quickly. Our Excellon drilling/routing machines, combined with the skill of our operators,  provide customers with impeccable precision, as well as the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances in a variety of different materials.  Every phase of each process is checked and re-checked to meet our strict Quality standards.  Every step is taken with caution, our ultimate goal being Total Customer Satisfaction. At Arcadia Test, we work as a Team, and we all take pride in everything we do.

Our goal, at Arcadia Test, is to exceed your expectations.  We promise to continually provide excellent service and will strive to satisfy all  your testing needs. We will  pursue perfection, and ultimately meet all your requirements, down to the finest detail.  Arcadia Test will work diligently as your partner today, and even harder to remain your partner in the future.

Arcadia Test Platforms

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Probe Field
3070 Wiring Field
Zero Flex Routing